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The Course for the B.Arch Degree shall extended over a period of 10 semesters which includes one semester of practical training.

Working period can be of 50-60 min.duration.Working week shall be of 30-40 periods.

Practical training shall be after the completion of the 8th semester B.Arch. university examination.

The I and II semesters shall be combined and considered as an even semester.Only those students who have liassed all studio subjects included in Group I,upto sixth semester shall be eligible to start the practical training.

Each semester other than thesis work and practical training shall ordinarily comprise of not less than 16 weeks.

Candidates who fail to complete the programme and pass all examinations within ten years since his first admission to the B.Arch programme will not be allowed to continue and he has to quit the programme. However he can be readmitted to the first year of the programme if he/she satisfies the eligibility norms applicable to the regular candidates prevailing at the time readmission