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Design and construction of buildings

Architecture is concerned with the design and construction of buildings in their sociological, technical and environmental contexts. There is increasing recognition of architecture as one of the top intellectual disciplines, an art form, and a technical profession intimately linked with the single largest sector of investment in the economy.

The Bachelor of Architecture programme aims at attaining a high level of excellence in architectural design. The program is centered on ‘studios’ where students are expected to resolve life-like design problems on their own. Studios operate as learning communities where teachers take on the role of coaches supporting students in their learning quests. A strong foundation of multidisciplinary enabling skills related to space, construction, environment and aesthetics is offered to the students. These skills include drawing, architectural presentation, research and writing, computer applications, technical and managerial aptitudes in problem definition and solution seeking.

This five-year two-stage programme, has a first stage consisting of six semesters of full time studies and a second stage consisting of one semester of full time studies followed by one semester of practical training in professional offices, ending in final two semesters of full-time study. In the second stage each student is required to write a research-based dissertation, prepare for a seminar and present a design thesis along with advanced level courses and electives. This course is approved by “The Council of Architecture, Newdelhi” and affiliated to Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT).