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Publish Date : Jan 08, 2024


ODYSSEY-A decade strong architectural Journey of M.CAP

As MCAP commemorates its decennial year the institution is proud to reflect on a decade of nurturing talented students to be sensitive architects and revolutionizing the architectural landscape. Since its inception, this institution has consistently pushed boundaries, fostered innovation, empowered its students to become global leaders in the field.

Ten years ago, on this campus that buzzes with excitement today, MCAP materialized as an ambitious endeavor to redefine architectural education. The institution started in the year 2014 under the visionary leadership of Archbishop Most Rev Dr.Soosa  Pakiam and Manager Very Rev Msgr.George Paul A, has constantly nurtured creativity and ingenuity transforming   students into expert architects committed to leaving an indelible mark on the world. Today, it is under the leadership of His Grace Most Rev Dr.Thomas J Netto Archbishop of Latin Diocese Trivandrum and Manager Rev Dr. A R John.

With an unwavering commitment to interdisciplinary learning MCAP has built a reputation for   providing students with a holistic educational experience. The carefully crafted curriculum merges traditional learning methods with cutting edge technology ensuring that graduates possess a unique blend of artistic flair and technical expertise. This institution has produced university rank holders consistently since its first batch graduated in 2019, which is a clear reflection of the academic excellence.

Over the past decade MCAP’s hands on approach has allowed budding architects to Immerse themselves in a plethora of impactful projects enriching their academic journeys and equipping them with a practical understanding of architectural intricacies.

Notably, MCAP has established a close network of industry partnerships bringing renowned architects, urban planners and design experts into their educational fold. This allows students to engage themselves with established professionals, gain valuable insights and forge relationships that has proven to be instrumental in their careers.

In recognition of the imperative need for sustainability as we are globally affected by climate change, the institution has laid emphasis on environmentally conscious designs and construction practices. MCAP’s commitment to sustainable architecture has seen the integration of renewable energy systems green spaces and climate responsive design in the campus itself promoting a greener environment.

To celebrate the decennial year, MCAP has organized a series of events showcasing the extraordinary works of its students, esteemed alumni and its faculty. The activities will provide a broader community to appreciate the profound impact that MCAP has made within the architectural field and beyond.

Looking forward, MCAP is determined to push boundaries and foster architects to address complex and global challenges. As it embarks on its second decade, the institution remains committed to   embracing emerging technologies, evolve resilient architectural solutions for the community transcending conventional norms and to empower architects to create sustainable, equitable and awe-inspiring spaces for all.

As we reflect on the past ten years M.CAP proudly celebrates the accomplishments of its students, faculty and alumni; as a reminder to the power of architecture to shape cultures, ignite imaginations and inspire generations to come, here’s to another decade of architectural excellence and the limitless possibilities that lies ahead.